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Exton|Defender SRS is a Linux system available as a Live DVD (based on Mageia 4, 32bit - version 140403 and on Fedora 21, 64bit - version 150108) for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. Exton|Defender aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions. It comes with a lot of Linux software such as system tools and basic tools (editors, Midnight Commander, network tools). Exton|Defender can, however, also be used as a normal Linux Desktop System. It requires no hard drive installation, but can easily be installed to hard drive if you want. Desktop environments: LXDE in version 140403 (Mageia 4) and Cinnamon 2.4.5 in version 150108 (Fedora 21).


System Tools included

NTFS-3g, GParted 0.16.0, PartImage 0.6.9, Shred 8.19, Sfdisk (util-linux-ng 2.21.2), Rsync 3.0.9, Ddrescue 1.16, FSArchiver 0.6.12, TestDisk 6.13 and Midnight Commander 4.8.4. Other programs (among many others): Google Chrome (in the FC21 version) for watching Netflix movies, LibreOffice, NetworkManager, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Samba, Java (JDK 7u9) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Emacs, Safecopy 1.7, kernel headers (Mageia 4 and Fedora 21) and many compilation tools. See a complete LIST of all installed packages 140403 (Mageia version) and 150108 (Fedora version).




NEWS 150108 re. Exton|Defender fc21 (Fedora 21)

I’ve made a new version of Exton|Defender 64 bit. Now based on Fedora 21, released 141209. It uses Cinnamon 2.4.5 and kernel 3.17.7.

NEWS 140403 re. Exton|Defender (Mageia 4)

I’ve made a new version of Exton|Defender based on Mageia 4 32bit. It uses LXDE and kernel 3.12.13.


About Exton|Defender - Mageia 4 version

Read my special page.


About Fedora
Please read this overview.

The password for root (superuser) and live (normal user) is: root/live in the Mageia 4 version of 140403.
In version 150108 (Fedora 21) there is no password for liveuser and root. Just login to Cinnamon as liveuser and/or root without any password. Note: When Exton|Defender mga has booted up you will end up at Slim‘s login manager. First press F1. It will look like this. (I.e. choose session LXDE). Then log in to LXDE as user live or as root. Passwords: live/root.

Configuring X
X is auto-configured during the boot from the USB stick/DVD.

Default language
The default language (locale) is set to English.

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Mint and many other so-called beginner distributions (and other Linux systems) use Sudo to do something that requires root (superuser) privileges. There really is no need for a root password. "Examples of Command": sudo mkdir /usr/MyFiles. Read HERE about how Sudo works. When logged in as liveuser in the Fedora version from 150108 just run the command su to become root. (You can also run sudo su).

The ISO-files are of 904 MB - Mageia 4 version and 1600 MB - Fedora 21 version.

Installation to hard disk - Mageia 4 version
Exton|Defender mga/Mageia can easily be installed to hard disk. Just follow the instructions. NOTE: If you want your own user/users you'll have to add him/them when you have started up Exton|Defender mga from hard disk. Do it as root with the commands useradd MyUser and passwd MyUser or go to Mageia Control Center >> System >> Manage users on system. It will look like this.

INSTALL Exton|Defender - FC21 (version 150108) on a USB stick of at least 2 GB
Use Fedora LiveUSB-Creator in Windows. Works very good. All system changes are PERSISTENT.

INSTALL Exton|Defender - FC21 (version 150108) to hard drive
Just use Anaconda (Fedora's installer). Please read this INSTRUCTION. You can (if you want) use Grub2 as boot loader.

Screenshot of Exton|Defender's LXDE Desktop - Mageia version

Screenshot of Exton|Defender´s Cinnamon 2.4.5 Desktop - Fedora version


The ISO-file (exton-defender-fc21-64bit-cinnamon-1600mb-150108.iso) can be downloaded from the Swedish Linux Society

The ISO-file (exton-defender-32bit-mga-140403.iso) can be downloaded from the Swedish Linux Society

Exton|Defender (both versions) can also be downloaded from - Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory » DOWNLOAD

md5sum file for the Exton|Defender version 150108 (Fedora 21) ISO file

file for the Exton|Defender version 140403 (Mageia 4) ISO file


Mageia 4 and Fedora 21 is at least as "good" as Ubuntu 14.10/Linux Mint 17.1 and/or OpenSUSE 13.2. I think. Tell me what you think of Exton|Defender SRS in combination with LXDE and/or Cinnamon 2.4.5. Did you find the included Rescue System Tools useful?







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Exton|Defender Linux Super Rescue System version 150108 - 64 bit - based on Fedora 21 with Cinnamon 2.4.5 and version 140403 - 32bit - based on Mageia 4 with LXDE


EXTON MultiBootCD 6-OS » version 150131 with six (6) different mini Linux Systems

exGENT Linux Live DVD 64bit/32bit » version 141227 and 141205 based on Gentoo with Xfce4 respectively LXDE and genkernel 3.18.1-gentoo-exton/3.16.5-gentoo-exton

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Other considerations »

Disclaimer: This is experimental software. Use at your own risk. Under no circumstances may C A Exton or be held liable for damage to hardware or software, lost data or other damage either direct or indirect caused by using this software.

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EXTON distributions
: The number of Exton distributions has decreased from 66 (all time high in June 2011) to 16. See a complete LIST. It was a bit too much for me to keep 66 distributions up to date. All Exton distributions on the Swedish Linux Society's FTP Server can be reached HERE. Fourteen (14) Exton distributions in English (English locale) can also be dowloaded from

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